The thing about the Delta HF Turbo is that Martini livery or not, you want an unmolested car. A friend of mine went all the way from Hungary to the Netherlands to get one without any "upgrades," but even that couldn't be as clean as this time warp, headed for auction with just 31 delivery miles.

Okay, so you'll probably have to replace the seals and check everything before you could drive it really fast, but number 124 of the 400 cars built to celebrate the Integrale's fifth consecutive Manufacturer's Championship is well worth the effort. Because you wouldn't want to put her away for another 23 years, now would you?


This 1992 car is an Evoluzione model, which means it has a wider track both front and rear with extended wheel arches. Its four-wheel drive system features an epicyclic center diff with torque splitter, plus a Ferguson viscous coupling and Torsen rear differential. The engine was tuned to produce 210 horsepower at 5750rpm bone stock.

Since it went from the dealer in Italy straight to a storage unit just 31 miles away despite all those Martini stripes, Silverstone Auctions expects to get between $135,000 and $165,000 for it when it goes on auction on the 21st of February.

Along with all these.

Crazy money? Yes. A once in a lifetime opportunity to get a legendary car from the early nineties brand new? Also a yes...

Photo credit: Silverstone Auctions