"You Bought That?"

It's Labor Day, so a lot of folks are out buying cars today. There are so many to choose from! And not all of them are good choices, either.

Sometimes when I'm out driving, I'll see a car on the road that genuinely makes me scratch my head and say, "You bought that? Out of all the cars you could have bought, that's the one you spent your own, actual money on? ...Okay."

I'm not talking about weird, quirky, Jalop-worthy cars. You wanna buy an old Peugeot diesel wagon? God bless. I'm talking about genuinely poor choices when better options are clearly available.

And while I know some of you make turn this into a Toyota Camry hate-fest, while it's boring, no one can dispute that it's a good quality car to own. I'm talking about cars where people should have just gone with the Camry instead.

Take the Smart Fortwo, for example. You just bought a tiny two seater with a horrible gearbox that barely ekes out 38 mpg on the highway on expensive premium gas. You bought that? Why didn't you just buy a Mini Cooper or a Fiat 500 or even a Honda Civic instead? At least with the last one, you'd get a back seat and a trunk.


Here's another one: the recently-discontinued Honda Insight. Okay, you wanted a hybrid to save on gas and maybe look like you're saving the earth. I get it. So why did you buy one that's inferior to a Prius in just about every way? Just buy the damn Prius!

Your turn. Show us the cars that make you say, "You bought that?"