“Them Duke boys are at it again!” (Image: Motor Trend Channel/YouTube)

A Cummins diesel in a clapped-out old Cadillac? At first I thought, surely, Roadkill is just bored at this point. And they might be, but they’re still putting on a hell of a show. Watching this terrible car turn fuel into noise is way more fun than it should be.

For those of you just joining us, the whole Roadkill deal is pretty much just about building silly cars out of terrible cars and living out the juvenile antics we all daydream about from our cubicles.


This episode feels particularly casual with no clear challenge or objective other than getting commenters to shut up about Cummins swaps. I’m okay with that.

After ripping a old tow truck’s diesel heart from a junk yard, they drop it into a random derelict Cadillac, turn that into a hilariously unsafe targa-top, and proceed to do donuts and sketchy hillclimbs until they run out of daylight.

Laughs aside, I hope Motor Trend has a Purple Heart equivalent for Finnegan after that “hillclimb” landing. My spine hurt just watching it.


Other than that, I’m pretty sure this the first time I’ve ever seen all-terrains mounted on Cadillac spokes! Obviously, it looks awesome.