Holy hell, the absolutely stunning GT cruiser known as the Aston Martin DBS, is less than $115k on the used car market! For anyone that just cashed out their 401k and wants to party like a sir, they can have this 1-owner, 6-speed manual, 510 horsepower V12 monster for less than the price of a V8 Vantage S.

While this car doesn't have the interior color combo that's most desirable (it's black leather, versus the more desirable colored alcantara), it still has a multi-million dollar look. The car, just for reference, just 2 years ago, was north of $250k. Although it's been replaced with the sleeker Vanquish, the DBS remains a phenomenal value for money and perhaps the best looking Aston Martin to date.

Although this is the most affordable example I could find, prices are hovering around the $120k mark, and I'm praying that they plummet further.

Depreciation can be a beautiful thing.

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