"Look at Dave, driving that perfectly pristine 1990 Toyota Supra Turbo," your jealous ex-girlfriend will say of you, assuming you buy this car and your name is Dave. "I should have married him instead. Now I'll never be truly happy in life."

The Mark III Toyota Supra may not be as coveted as its younger brother, the fast and furious Mark IV, but it was still an attractive, modern and powerful sports coupe in its day. A lot of people swear by them, but it's hard to find one in great shape now.

"Great" doesn't even begin to cover the condition of this 1990 Supra Turbo being sold by a dealership in Alberta, Canada. It looks showroom perfect, like it was sent into the future immediately after rolling off the assembly line. It has just 92 kilometers, or about 57 miles, on its odometer. That's amazing.

Why is this Supra in such great shape? The dealership, County Hills Toyota Scion in Calgary, sadly doesn't say in their listing. I assume someone put it into storage and just never sold it back in 1990. It still has plastic wrap on the seats, though it's unclear whether that's new or not.


Either way, it's rare to see any older car in such condition, especially a coveted Japanese sports car. It's not like it's some exotic. Now it's for sale and it needs a good home

The dealership is selling it for $69,998 Canadian, which is about $65,000 U.S. A little high given it's a Mark III Supra, but then again, this one is perfect. That may be a good price.

Any takers out there? Buy it so you can be the envy of everyone. Then they'll see! Then they'll ALL see!

Hat tip to Carscoops!